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Madbomberinlove are:


David Ingleton Vocals and Git.

Thomas Auer Git. And Backing Vocals

Cristian Tincu Bass

Mike Seipolt Drums



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For General Information, Booking, Press, CD and Merchandise please contact madbomberinlove at







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Below you will find a collection of downloads which may be used for promotional purposes. All files are in PDF and formatted for either Print or Web Media. Music files can be found on our music page



MBIL1            Print (5mb)    Web (1MB)
MBIL2            Print (5mb)    Web (1mb)
MBIL_logo    Print (1mb)    Web (1mb)
MBIL_CD        Print (1mb)    Web (1mb)



mbil_Band Bio (PDF 32 KB)

mbil_Band Info (PDF 28 KB)

mbil_Mailer CD Release (PDF 32 KB)
Mbil_techrider (PDF 56 KB)


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